Focus on… Geography Revision

Although there are lots of generic revision tips, many subjects require specialist techniques. Revising for Geography is quite different to revising for a subject like Physics!

Over the next few weeks Watling Tutors will be offering some suggestions on subject-specific exam preparation. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments box below!


  • Geography exams test your ability to communicate a huge amount of information in a comparatively small response. Therefore being able to organize your thoughts and getting your timing right are both crucial.
  • When revising case studies, learn a few key points. Use a side of A4 for each one, with sections for background info, primary effects, secondary effects, diagrams and key words.
  • Responses worth 8+ marks will require several points and must include figures, key terms and case studies where relevant. Consult the mark scheme to ensure you know exactly what’s required for each type of question.
  • Complete at least 2 practice papers: one with the mark scheme alongside, and another without. Compare your responses so you can identify what gaps you made the second time around.
  • Take an interest in what’s going on around you and how it might be relevant to your Geography revision. What do you notice when you take a local walk? Keep your topics at the back of your mind always – seeing something in reality can really help you to remember the facts.

Good luck with your Geography revision!