Into the Jungle – Maths and English summer camp for Years 1 & 2

Join us as we journey ‘Into the Jungle’ to discover the amazing animals contained within! Solve problems for the animals to keep them safe and happy and use the knowledge gained to create your very own Jungle Book!

To improve their reading skills, children will share a range of texts about the jungle, both Fiction and Non-Fiction applying all their reading skills, including sequencing, inferring and prediction.

By the end of the week, the children will have developed their writing skills and will have written their own version of The Jungle Book, complete with their own illustrations.

Using our Jungle Theme, children will explore Maths in the real context of the jungle, applying a range of concepts including addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions and shape! They will apply all of their Mathematical skills to allow them to solve problems. 

Monday 22nd August              9.30am – 12.30pm

Tuesday 23rd August             9.30am – 12.30pm 

Wednesday 24th August        9.30am – 12.30pm

Students must attend all three sessions. The total cost for the 9 hour course is £150.

School year applies to 2021-22 academic year.

To book or make an enquiry, click below and we’ll be in touch.