GCSE Final Countdown: Macbeth

This session will focus on the key skills required for success in GCSE questions on Macbeth.

For Macbeth, students following the AQA syllabus will be asked to write about an extract from the play, and then respond more widely to the play as a whole.

Our revision session will cover:

  • How to approach extract based questions (character / theme)
  • How to integrate context in a relevant and sophisticated way
  • How to analyse language and structure in the play to maximise marks
  • In-depth focus on 2 characters and 2 themes (students can request these in advance..eg. Mrs Birling, or Conflict)
  • Exemplar questions and peer assessment

Date: Sunday 1st May 2022

Time: 2pm – 4.30pm

Location: Watling Tutors Classroom, Unit 21D Battlers Green Farm, Common Lane, Radlett WD7 8PH.

Cost: £65

This session will be delivered by Leah Warren, an English teacher, tutor and examiner with 20 years’ experience.

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