World Explorers – Maths and English summer camp for Years 3 & 4

Visit some of the most incredible places in the world, without even leaving Hertfordshire! Through the use of technology, we will visit and explore some of the world’s most exciting places and use this design our very own expert guide all about our favourite place! Don’t forget to bring your Maths brain too, as we plan our finance and journey for the trip.

To cement their reading skills, children will use a range of non-fiction texts to learn all about the wonders of the world. They will be looking at the use of author’s language, how different texts are structured and retrieving key information. 

To bring all of their writing skills together, they will be choosing their favourite adventure location and writing persuasive advertisements. The children will decide which text type suits the purpose of their writing the most. Following this, we will construct complex sentences that allow them to show off their knowledge of their chosen wonder.

In Maths, we’ll be focusing on trip planning! Children will explore which units of measurement are most efficient to use for distance, time and mass. They will also be using timetables to plan their adventure. Finally, they will be responsible for budgeting the trip to ensure they can afford everything they need.

Monday 22nd August              1pm – 4pm

Tuesday 23rd August             1pm – 4pm

Wednesday 24th August        1pm – 4pm

Students must attend all three sessions. The total cost for the 9 hour course is £150.

School year applies to 2021-22 academic year.

To book or make an enquiry, click below and we’ll be in touch.