A-level Psychology – Research Skills

This session will be a group class where students will be given an opportunity at timed questions and the teacher will take students through the answers, guide them where they’ve gone wrong and extend answers to ensure all have understood how to get top marks for that question. We will do this in 3 rounds. 

Testing practice is the key to effective revision but is the thing that most students won’t do as they feel most safe to write notes (however this is the least effective form of revision). By attending this session students will have an opportunity to test themselves in timed conditions and most importantly then mark the questions – a part that also often gets missed as part of revision.

The session will be run by Shelly, one of our tutors, who is an extremely experienced Psychology tutor and Education Consultant. It promises to offer students an invaluable opportunity for practical revision work ahead of their final exams.

Date: Thursday 14th April 2022

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm

Location: Watling Tutors Classroom, Unit 21D Battlers Green Farm, Common Lane, Radlett WD7 8PH.

Cost: £75

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