Be the Boss – Maths and English summer camp for Year 4

If your child is in Year 3 or Year 5 and you think this could be suitable, please feel free to get in touch!

We’ll be launching our own business with a brand new project! We’ll use our mathematical skills to check our finances, use our reading skills to research information about our product and finally use our marketing skills to produce an advertisement to sell the product!

To cement their reading skills, children will use their research skills to skim and scan for important information before taking useful notes to help them develop marketing materials. We will read a range of successful marketing advertisements and break down the language and structure to identify why they have such an impact on the reader/viewer. The best language will then be used in our own advertisement campaigns.

To bring all of their writing skills together, children will design and produce their own marketing literature to persuade people to purchase their products. First, we’ll create a fact file about our product, followed by writing this up into cohesive paragraphs. Then, we’ll look at persuasive writing devices (imperative verbs, rhetorical questions, specific vocabulary choices) in order to make sure our writing is most likely to result in a sale!

Like all businesses, we’ll need to ensure that we’re profitable. In Maths, children will use their 4 operation skills, including fractions, to carry out a range of calculations linked to their product. All of our practise equations will be rooted in the context of our products.

Tuesday 29th August              1pm – 4pm

Wednesday 30th August        1pm – 4pm

Thursday 31st August        1pm – 4pm

Friday 1st September 1pm – 4pm

Students must attend all four sessions. The total cost for the 12 hour course is £200.

School year applies to 2022-23 academic year.

To book or make an enquiry, click below and we’ll be in touch.