11+ Interview Skills – Critical Thinking

Watling Tutors Classroom is delighted to announce it will be running online critical thinking skills workshops in 2022. These are aimed at Year 5-8 students who will be attending interviews at schools with selective entry at 11+ and 13+.

These online workshops will be an opportunity for your child to practise their critical thinking skills by responding to scenarios commonly used in interviews.

As well as assessing students’ level in the core subjects, many selective schools are now testing pupils’ critical thinking skills. A popular way of doing this is through asking prospective pupils to respond to a ‘thought experiment’ or ‘moral dilemma’.

These workshops will be run by a Philosophy and Ethics specialist who has extensive experience conducting these interviews at a highly selective London school, and who understands what schools are looking for.

They will be run in a fun and engaging way and pupils will be given lots of opportunities to share their personal perspective on philosophical questions.

Sessions will be run at various times during the year. Contact us for more info.

Your child is welcome to attend more than one session – each will examine a different scenario.

Group sessions will take place for a maximum of 4 students to ensure that we are able to give individualised attention to all participants.

These hour-long sessions cost £20 each and will be run online.