Toby L

Toby is an experienced secondary English and History tutor. He completed a PGCE at Cambridge University and has taught at a variety of international schools delivering the British Curriculum.




BA in History
MA in History
PhD in History


20 years of teaching and tutoring experience

Toby graduated with a degree in journalism and worked as a freelance reporter in Afghanistan before returning to Cornwall to work in regional newspapers. After four exciting years he decided to follow his parents’ into the world of academia and teaching. Here he remained for the past 15 years, pursuing his own love of history, gaining a PhD in History from the University of Leeds in 2021, and teaching in international schools in Vietnam. Toby has worked as a private tutor for over 10 years, helping students achieve top grades in English Literature, English Language and History.

Having travelled and worked widely during the past 20 years, Toby returned to the UK with his family and completed a PGCE at the University of Cambridge in 2021. Based permanently in the UK now, he is raising his two sons in England while continuing his love of History, English literature, writing and education.

Throughout Toby’s years of teaching and tutoring he has developed skills of patience, perseverance and organisation. He is also equally conscious of those who struggle in the classroom environment as well as those who thrive. The skills he has sharpened during his teaching and tutoring life, combined with a natural love of education and teaching, an enthusiasm for different cultures and beliefs, and an understanding of the challenges individual students have, enabled him to help all students achieve their best.

Toby is a skilled tutor, who was able to put my son at ease and quickly built up a rapport with him. He identified where he needed help most and was able to plug in the learning gaps. My second son has also just started having lesson with him.

Mrs McL | Parent of GCSE Student