Charlotte GGG

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PGCE KS2 Leader


5 years of teaching

Charlotte gained her professional qualification at the University of Hertfordshire in 2017 and began her teaching career in a local primary school before later moving to Bangkok where she taught in an International School. She has since returned and is currently teaching in Hertfordshire where she holds the post of KS2 leader.

Charlotte is an experienced teacher and tutor who focuses on modeling and setting high expectations for every learner. This in turn means her students are able to enjoy and develop a love for learning in a safe environment, promoting high progress. Charlotte encourages children to become independent, responsible learners who feel valued.  Colleagues have said of her, “Charlotte is a fantastic teacher who consistently delivers outstanding lessons.  She is extremely popular amongst both staff and children and has quickly established herself as a real asset to this school”

Adam is amazing and is so patient and encouraging.

Mrs G | London