Passionate and dedicated Maths tutor.
Adam teaches Maths up to A level.

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BSc Mathematics

8 years of tutoring experience

Adam is a passionate Maths tutor who has tutored since leaving University, after he graduated with a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham. He worked in the finance and technology sectors before going on to tutor full time. Adam has experience working with children of various ages, from Year 7 up to A level, and wants to inspire his students whilst enabling them to think critically. 

He seeks to apply his Maths knowledge to the real world, aiding students in their understanding and making his lessons more exciting and enjoyable. His colleagues have noted his good people skills, explaining that he is “a very good listener” which allows him to adapt his teaching style to each student, focusing on their unique learning needs.

Adam is amazing and is so patient and encouraging.

Mrs G | London