Alex G

A knowledgeable and passionate tutor. Alex teaches Classics to postgraduate level and English to A-Level.

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Central London

MA Classics

8 years’ of tutoring

Alex is an experienced teacher and has supported students at state, preparatory and independent schools in his previous roles. He has worked with secondary school pupils on improving interview technique and exam preparation. Alex has also led educational groups in schools, teaching Arabic, Greek and classics.  In addition to his work with children, Alex has written four books, created feature articles for national newspapers and has volunteered to help local hospitals.

Alex supports children in a range of subject areas and has a masters in Classics from Cambridge University. A parent explained how their children made ‘notable progress’ during their sessions with Alex and another praised his ‘strong subject knowledge’ whilst tutoring pupils aged 4 to 13.

My children love their sessions with Alex and they have made notable progress.

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