A knowledgeable and reliable tutor. Anthony teaches a variety of subjects from KS2 to GCSE level.

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North London

BSc Chemistry

5 years’ tutoring

Having received the Imperial President’s Undergraduate Scholarship award, Anthony graduated with a degree in Chemistry from Imperial College London and has 5 years of tutoring experience, teaching Science and Maths to students aged from 11 to 19. Anthony’s wealth of Maths and Science teaching experience, along with his knowledge of different examination boards, has taught him how to effectively accelerate a student’s thorough comprehension.

Anthony’s extensive tutoring experience helped him to perfect revision and exam techniques and he understands exactly what is required to achieve top marks through a tailored approach for each student. Testimonials say Anthony is “reliable and efficient” and “really helpful”. He has also been praised for his outstanding  “subject understanding and communication” as a tutor.

Anthony is a pleasure – he teaches my son methods to use in maths and science, which he then applies to schoolwork.

Mrs J | London