A passionate and motivated tutor. Arthur teaches Maths, Philosophy and Physics from GCSE to undergraduate level.

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South East London

MSci Physics and Philosophy  Philosophy Foundation: Level One Specialist

4 years’ of teaching

Arthur has been a tutor for four years and started tutoring primary and secondary pupils whilst studying for his philosophy degree at King’s College in London. He has taught year 6 children, who were working towards their SATs, and year 11 pupils studying for their GCSEs. In addition to his tutoring work, Arthur has taught philosophy classes in primary and secondary schools through the Philosophy Foundation, a course which helps pupils to develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

Arthur has an interest in music and likes to bring creativity to his teaching and tutoring sessions. He also volunteers for a mutual aid charity in his spare time by distributing food to people in need. Arthur’s former tutor at King’s College said he is a  ‘passionate and hardworking’ person and ‘motivated by helping others’.

Arthur helps my son to better understand some complicated topics.

Mr F | London