A conscientious and professional teacher. Ben teaches English Literature and English Language to GCSE and A-Level pupils. 

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BA English Literature              PGCE English Literature

15 years’ of tutoring                Head of KS4 Curriculum 

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Ben is a very experienced and well-qualified English teacher with almost 15 years’ experience teaching children in a wide range of secondary schools across the U.K. He is a dynamic and encouraging teacher and he knows the UK Independent School sector inside out, having worked in prestigious schools such as St Albans Boys here in Hertfordshire and Bablake and Uppingham. In his most recent school, he was Deputy Head of the English Department, where he helped his students to achieve excellent results in GCSE and A-Level exams.

One of Ben’s former clients explained that he is an “outstanding teacher: utterly professional, scholarly and conscientious.” In his role as an English teacher, Ben was praised for his ability to form a strong rapport with his pupils and colleagues with one former colleague saying his students “respected him immensely.”

Ben prepares well for every session and my daughter likes his engaging English lessons.

Mrs D | Peterborough