Connor M

An engaging and attentive tutor. Connor teaches various subjects from GCSE to Undergraduate level. 

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South London

BSc Social Policy and Government                                  MA Law

1 year of tutoring

Connor is a secondary school tutor who helps GCSE and A-Level students with a range of subjects including English, French, Religion, History, Geography, Philosophy and Politics. After graduating from the London School of Economics in 2019 with a BSc in Social Policy and Government, Connor has supported secondary pupils and university students with their studies. He spent two years living and working in Paris and speaks fluent French, as well as a little Italian, German and Spanish.

Connor has several online businesses that he works on in his spare time and he brings this hardworking nature to his tutoring sessions. One parent explained how Connor is an ‘engaging’ tutor, who always ‘speaks with words of encouragement’ during his sessions. Another client commented on Connor’s ability to provide ‘outstanding tuition’ for his pupils.

He goes beyond the scope of the curriculum and assigns my daughter reading outside the course in order to enhance her knowledge.

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