A confident, hard working and reliable tutor, Elise teaches primary school children across KS1 and KS2

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Diploma in Education

5 years of teaching

Elise received her Diploma in Education in 2019 and has taught a range of age groups from Reception to Year 4 in a variety of schools across London. Elise loves developing interesting tasks and activities and setting homework to ensure students understand their learning objectives and are motivated to maximise their full potential.  In addition to her direct teaching experience, Elise has worked for several years as a teaching assistant.

Elise believes that the curriculum should be accessible to all individuals, no matter where they are within the academic spectrum. Elise provides a variety of learning techniques, ensuring each student is able to maximise their strengths and obtain the grades they wish to accomplish. She is both knowledgeable and attentive to her pupils’ needs and able to plan lessons to a high standard

A hard working and committed teacher and tutor who we would highly recommend

Mrs P