A pleasant and experienced secondary teacher. Eugene teaches maths and science to undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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BSc Physics                                  MA Physics                                  PhD Physics and Astronomy

13 years’ of teaching

Eugene is a well qualified, experienced and knowledgeable physics tutor, with a background teaching in secondary schools and at university level. After completing his degree in physics from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, Eugene studied for his PGDE in physics in 2007. He has since developed his teaching experience in Ghana and the U.K.  Eugene regularly applies his deep subject knowledge to teach science and maths to children and young adults. Eugene recently completed his PhD in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds.

Eugene maintains high standards for himself and for his students. In addition, he has excellent interpersonal skills and is determined for his pupils to succeed in their education. Colleagues have highlighted Eugene’s ability to ‘communicate effectively’ with students and praised his ‘experienced’ approach to tutoring.

Eugene is always pleasant and very interactive during his sessions.

Mr A | Leeds