George D

An engaging primary and secondary tutor. George teaches maths and science from KS2 to A-Level. 

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Central London

BSE General Engineering

1 year of tutoring

Geroge is currently studying for his degree in General Engineering and tutors primary and secondary school children between his studies at Princeton University. He has experience teaching primary science to a pupil and successfully made the subject engaging for the student by choosing interesting topics that would engage him beyond what he learnt at school. George also helped a GCSE student become more confident with algebra and geometry recently. In addition to maths and science to A-Level, George is proficient in teaching engineering and preparation for college entrance exams.

George likes to engage his pupils in tutoring sessions by sparking their enthusiasm and he maintains high standards at all times. Beyond his tutoring work, George has a creative side and likes to play the guitar. He also enjoys sailing and rowing when possible. Parents of George’s former pupils have noted how he is ‘very polite’ and can ‘connect well’ with students of all ages.

He helps my daughter and boosts her confidence in maths during every lesson.

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