Keen and dependable Spanish, Portugese and English tutor.
Jack teaches Spanish and Portugese to University level, as well as a range of subjects to GCSE level.

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MA Spanish and Portugese

Volunteer for Ugandan secondary school
Volunteer for Argentinian children’s charity
Assistant teacher at Eton Wick First School

Jack is an ardent linguist and traveller who has utilised these skills to gain extensive work experience teaching English and other subjects to children internationally, in countries such as Uganda, Argentina and the US. Working as a volunteer in various places, Jack inspired a range of different children in a fun yet stimulating environment, and seeks to use these skills to aid him in his tutoring lessons. 

He achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Spanish and Portugese from the University of Edinburgh, and has continued to develop his language abilities through travelling, to the point where he is now fully fluent. Moreover, parents have noted his great communication skills and have described him as “a very bright and kind person”. 

 Jack is especially thoughtful, very bright and very patient.

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