A hugely experienced teacher who we are delighted to have on our team.

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BA Childcare                                  PGCE Primary

Qualified Specialist Dyslexia teacher

15 years’ of teaching                   

Having gained a teaching degree in her native South Africa Joanne went on to complete her PGCE and has recently qualified as a Specialist Dyslexia teacher, focusing on students who have a barrier to literacy. She began her teaching career over 15 years ago when she owned and ran her own pre-school. She then moved into teaching Key Stage 1 and 2 and gained extensive knowledge of the Primary curricula. More recently Joanne has taken a role in a Secondary School where she is able to further build on her skills.

Joanne is able to use her knowledge and experience to differentiate work according to what the learner needs and how the learner learns. She is flexible in the way she teaches and will adjust to suit her student’s needs. References say that Joanne is “positive, hardworking and resourceful” and have “no hesitation in recommending her”. She “always wants the best for her students”