Joe W

A committed and approachable tutor. Joe teaches maths to A-level pupils.

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East London

BA Natural Sciences                MSc Physics

7 years’ of tutroing

Joe is an experienced and knowledgeable tutor. He has seven years experience teaching maths to A-Level pupils and helped students prepare for exams set by several exam boards including Edexcel, OCR and AQA. Joe also supports pupils with related subjects, such as mechanics and university applications. In previous roles, Joe has also mentored disadvantaged pupils through group sessions and by running extra-curricular activities.

Since he started tutoring in 2013, Joe has specialised in one to one sessions and has committed more than 2,500 hours to his teaching. He enjoys working with pupils to help them achieve their personal goals and tries to alleviate any stress or anxiety towards exams. Parents have referred to Joe as a real expert’ in maths and praised his ‘passion and commitment’ to his pupils.

He is extremely personable. Joe really believed in helping my daughter with her maths exams.

Mrs N | London