Luke P

A committed and caring tutor. Luke tutors science to GCSE and A-level students.

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BSc Medical Physiology and Therapeutics                              MSc Biomedical Engineering

5 years’ of tutoring

Luke is an experienced maths and science tutor. He teaches GCSE level maths, chemistry and physics and specialises in biology, which he can teach to A-Level and undergraduate students. Luke has been tutoring for five years and works in scientific research when he is not tutoring. He has an MSc in Biomedical Engineering and uses his in-depth knowledge and experience to support his pupils.

In addition to his expertise in science and maths, Luke is extremely organised and plans his tutoring sessions effectively by bringing additional material for pupils. Furthermore, he goes the extra mile by making himself available outside of formal tutoring sessions. A parent explained how her son was ‘delighted’ with Luke as a tutor and found him to be ‘engaging and attentive’.

Luke is available if my daughter has any questions during the week. Also, he helps with guidance on Universities.

Mrs H | Essex