Highly qualified and experienced English tutor.
Mashur teaches English up to A level.

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BA Comparative Literature
PGCE Secondary English

5 years of teaching experience
Lead Practitioner in Training

Mashur is a qualified English teacher who has experience working in state schools and private schools across London. He completed a BA in Comparative Literature from Queen Mary University, as well as a PGCE in Secondary English at the UCL Institute of Education. With over 5 years of teaching experience, Mashur has the tools to ensure his students achieve the best results possible and frequently adopts a creative approach to teaching, aiming to make lessons more engaging for his students.

As Lead Practitioner in Training at his current school, Mashur has helped other teachers become more informed on how to plan lessons and the importance of using effective starters and plenaries. Also, parents have described him as “reliable and committed” and commend the way he “establishes rapport with his students”, key to enhancing their relationship and understanding how they learn best.

My son really likes Mashur and is excited to see him again next week!

Mrs F | London