An adaptable and reliable tutor. Sanah teaches various subjects to KS3 and GCSE pupils.

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East London

MA Media Studies                        BA Linguistics

3 years’ of tutoring 

Sanah has over three years of tutoring experience, planning lessons and providing tailored feedback and helping students from a range of different academic levels to achieve well in a variety of subjects. With an MA in Media Studies from Kings’ College, University of London, and a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Queen Mary University, Sanah has exceptional interpersonal and organisational skills, which she brings to her tutoring sessions. In addition to her teaching skills, Sanah also speaks and understands Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu to a highly proficient level.

Sanah has often demonstrated excellent communication with parents and former clients have noted how she provides regular “updates on the progress of the kids” after every session, which helped one student to make excellent progress. Further references and testimonials explain how Sanah is “incredibly motivated” and she can “adapt well to different levels of learning”.

Sanah really shows excellent teaching skills and helps my younger sister to make excellent progress with her English Literature at GCSE level.

Mr R| East London