A knowledgeable and dedicated tutor. Talia teaches Modern Foreign Languages from Primary to Undergraduate level.

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North London

BA Modern Foreign Languages

4 years teaching 

Talia recently graduated with a 2:1 from the University of Bristol in 2020 and specialised in French, Italian and Spanish. Before beginning her degree, Talia worked with children as a teaching assistant, as well as a summer camp leader and. More recently, she has tutored students in various modern foregin languages, supporting them with exam preparation and building their confidence in Modern Foreign Languages. Talia has a [passion for learning and teaching Modern Foreign Languages and she is keen to support others with her knowledge and understanding of various languages and cultures. 

In addition to her passion for languages, Talia also has an interest in foreign language cinema and she is a keen cook and baker. She also started to learn Portuguese recently to expand her knowledge and understanding of further foreign languages. Talia likes to bring a friendly and positive attitude to all of her tutoring sessions. Referees and testimonials also explain that Talia is a “very reliable and conscientious person” who is also “friendly and fun”.

Talia is an excellent tutor. She helps improves my grades and encourages my enthusiasm for languages.

Mrs J | London