A caring and kind tutor. Tess teaches a variety of subjects from Primary to Undergraduate level.

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Central London 

BA Ancient History                          Law Conversion

6 years teaching

Whilst studying for her degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Oxford, Tess started tutoring part-time alongside her studies. Since graduating, Tess continued to work as a tutor and she has experience teaching humanities, classical languages and essay writing skills in addition to statement writing and interview preparation for university. More recently, Tess gained qualifications in both Critical Thinking and Reasoning and Thinking Skills, which she has applied to her tutoring sessions to help students create engaging essay structures, analysis and writing.

Currently, Tess is working towards her law conversion course in London, which she began in 2019. Tess is passionate about her own and others’ education and finds helping students incredibly rewarding by developing their confidence and sense of intellectual curiosity. She has several hobbies including reading, exercise, travelling classical art and architecture. Referees and testimonials note how Tess is “highly intelligent, diligent and hard-working” and she is “particularly kind, caring and generous”.

I strongly recommend Tess. My daughter enjoys working with Tess and she is great at engaging my daughter, helping her to build knowledge.

Mrs N | London