A proficient primary and secondary tutor. Thomas teaches a variety of subjects from KS1 to KS5.

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BA Geography

8 years of tutoring 

Since he began working as a tutor in 2013, Thomas has taught nearly 100 pupils. He is capable of teaching children of various ages and has experience running a range of sessions on various subjects. Thomas is an all-round specialist and generally covers Geography and Maths but he can also provide support for Economics, Business Studies, English and Science. Thomas also has experience tutoring students who suffer from ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia and he likes to provide tailored lessons to meet students’ needs by using techniques that work best for the individual. 

Thomas has worked as a tutor all around the world, including in Princeton, New York, Geneva, Zurich, Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur and he also spent several years working in London, supporting students at a range of schools and ages. Referees and testimonials explain how Thomas always maintains the highest level of “professionalism”, while a former client “highly recommended” Thomas’ as a tutor.

He is an excellent tutor. Thomas is wonderful role model for my sons. He maintains complete order while also serving up a bit of fun.

Mrs M | New Jersey