Watling Tutors – Reviews and Testimonials

  • Thank you so much for arranging tuition for our daughter for English A Level. She has just learnt that she got an A*. She found it really helpful – both when it came to analysing the texts and also to understanding essay and exam techniques. We also appreciated your flexibility over the days and times of lessons. An excellent service.

    Ms H, Radlett
  • [Your tutor] is so calm and patient with our daughter that she seems to get so much out of the short time that they see each other each week.  She is always so good humoured and yet firm with our daughter (who has a tendency to "play dumb" to get out of hard work!) and she has really blossomed in her maths since we have started tuition.  We would definitely like to continue when she moves into year 5

    Mrs W, St Albans
  • [Your tutor] has been fantastic and an enormous help to our daughter.  Thanks to her, C is now much more confident, proficient and capable in French.  I would almost go so far as to say she enjoys French now. I should recommend your tutor without question.  You have an absolute diamond with her.

    Mr B, Shenley
  • My daughter's results were amazing and I thank you so much for your amazing tutors and your tutoring!

    Mrs J, Borehamwood
  • The English tutor that I found through Watling Tutors has been absolutely excellent. She has a really fantastic knowledge of what the examiners are precisely looking for and helped my eldest son get a grade that was beyond all our expectations! I can see she's passionate about teaching, is incredibly professional and went the extra yard to help my son just before his GCSE. I am forever in her debt!!

    Dr C, Bricket Wood
  • Watling Tutors have been of great assistance to both my daughters not only with tuition, but also for one of my daughter’s UCAS forms. They have received assistance from three excellent tutors, all who have ensured my daughters’ English and Maths levels have increased.  Watling Tutors are unique as they not only introduce tutors, but also ensure they are suited to each child’s personality and needs.

    Ms W, Radlett
  • I found a great Psychology A level tutor through Watling Tutors.  They were easy to deal with and the tutor is extremely highly qualified and professional, a senior teacher in a reputable school.  It has been a great help to my son.

    Mrs M, Primrose Hill
  • We found an English tutor via Watling Tutors to help with my son's IGCSE. She is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, professional and friendly and has really boosted my son's confidence. Recently she's been working on exam technique with him and my son has commented that he's found it really useful and even he enjoys the sessions!

    Mrs M, Herts
  • [Your tutor] has turned my daughter around. As well as increasing her proficiency at maths she has given her loads of confidence and even a love for a subject which my daughter had previously struggled with. We couldn't be more delighted.

    Mrs L, Shenley
  • My daughter was finding English AS quite challenging and needed to boost her confidence and ability in this subject and also needed help with exam technique.  [Your tutor] gave my daughter the tools to succeed in this subject and although we only had a very short time to turn things around, my daughters predicted grade of a C actually manifested itself into an A grade which we were obviously absolutely delighted with.  [Your tutor] is a very professional, patient and understanding person and “got” my daughters personality down to a tee in order to get the best results out of her.  Highly recommended.

    Mrs K, Radlett
  • Just wanted to thank you for finding us a wonderful Geography tutor.My son was so happy with her and they go on very well. A treasure!!! Thank you for your help.

    Mrs J, Edgware
  • Highly recommend this agency. Helped my older boys and now helping my youngest with English. A noticeable improvement in their abilities.

    Mrs G, Radlett
  • [Your tutor] has been a fantastic science tutor. My daughter was struggling to get to grips with this subject and has been having sessions with [him] for four weeks. In that time her understanding has dramatically improved. He is enthusiastic, patient and passionate about tutoring. I highly recommend.

    Mrs P, Finchley
  • Excellent tutor. My son really enjoys his lessons and feels that [your tutor] is really helping his maths. After a lesson, [he] sends through copies of the lesson sheets and some practice sheets, which is fantastic. Highly recommend.

    Mrs A, Radlett
  • We've only had a few sessions with [your tutor] so far, but he seems very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Can get my son to focus and improve, which is impressive!

    Mrs J, Radlett
  • [Your tutor] is excellent, really helping [my daughter] to hopefully achieve a better grade in her GCSE.

    Mrs K, Borehamwood
  • Excellent start - [your tutor] is warm, positive and has a ‘can do’ approach which has made a huge difference in a short time for my daughter.

    Ms L, Shenley
  • [Your tutor] has been extremely helpful and professional for my daughter's revision leading up to her History GCSE, which has built up her confidence.

    Mrs G, Bushey
  • [Your tutor] is gentle-mannered and very patient. She makes learning fun and not a chore - which my son needs. I feel he is developing a strong foundation that he can build on as he grows older. [Your tutor's] enthusiasm for teaching is apparent , and her positive approach has really helped create a good relationship with our son.

    Mrs K, Radlett
  • We had a great experience with Watling Tutors. [Your tutor] helped my daughter with her English GCSEs. [She] was engaging and enthusiastic and definitely brought out the best in my daughter who ended up doing far better than she was initially expecting in her exams. Thanks!

    Mr R, Radlett
  • My daughter has weekly science tuition with [a Science tutor with Watling Tutors].  It's going really well. I thought you'd like to know that when I went to parents evening last night, [her] science teacher told me that she came second in the class on their test this week! Before she began tuition, she came bottom in the class. I can't thank you enough for providing us with the brilliant [tutor]!

    Mrs P, Finchley
  • Amazing! So lovely and great tutor.

    Mrs Y, Elstree
  • [Your tutor] has been extremely helpful and professional for my daughter’s revision leading up to her History GCSE, which has built up her confidence.

    Mrs G, Bushey Heath
  • Excellent tutor.  My son really enjoys his lessons and feels that [tutor] is really helping his maths.  After a lesson, [the tutor] sends through copies of the lesson sheets and some practice sheets, which is fantastic.  Highly recommend.

    Mrs A, Radlett
  • [Your tutor] is a fantastic science tutor.  My daughter was struggling to get to grips with this subject and has been having sessions with [your tutor] for four weeks.  In that time her understanding has dramatically improved.  He is enthusiastic, patient and passionate.  I highly recommend.

    Mrs P, Finchley
  • My son has never enjoyed having a tutor until he met [your tutor].  I’m so pleased that we finally found a tutor who is not only an incredible Maths teacher but has helped my son’s confidence grow with this subject.

    Mrs B, Radlett
  • [Your tutor] is teaching my son Maths, Chemistry and Physics in preparation of the forthcoming GCSEs. [Your tutor] is very pleasant and reliable as a person, and it's a pleasure having him as a tutor.  He is very clear, thorough, explains well and gives constructive feedback.  I would definitely recommend.

    Mrs L
  • [Your tutor] has built up a strong relationship with my daughter in a short space of time. Her confidence in maths and comprehension is already increased and we are delighted.

    Mrs A, Borehamwood
  • My boys have really taken to [your tutor] and love to work with him. He is polite, professional and punctual.

    Ms C, Radlett
  • [Your tutor] is very friendly and extremely patient! He really knows all the science subjects and is excellent in explaining in different ways so my daughter understands. I can really recommend him.