An enthusiastic and patient tutor. Chloe teaches maths and physics to A-Level.

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North London

BA Civil Engineering                        MA Civil Engineering

4 years of tutoring

Whilst studying for her Master’s degree in Civil Engineering at Leeds University, Chloe tutored maths and physics to GCSE level students. As a result, she is familiar with the various exam specifications for various GCSE exam boards. Chloe also has experience tutoring younger pupils who are working towards the 11+ exams and she is familiar with the requirements of the London 11+ Consortium’s cognitive ability test. Additionally, Chloe is proficient in working with students with learning disabilities, and she can tailor her approach depending on the student’s needs and potential limitations.

Chloe supports her students to improve their skills by helping them gain a deeper understanding of physics and maths so pupils can further their academic achievements. Besides her varied tutoring experience, Chloe has volunteered with a local youth organisation for the past eight years and has planned and led numerous residential and non-residential events for children. One of Chloe’s former colleagues praised her “patient and enthusiastic” approach to tutoring and they explained that she can “communicate in a clear and encouraging manner” with young people.

Chloe is great. The feedback from my daughter is that Chloe ‘doesn’t talk at you, instead she works
together with you.’

Mr S | London