A knowledgeable and progressive secondary teacher. Eric teaches maths to GCSE level.

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South East London

PGCE Secondary Maths          MSc Accounting

2 years’ of teaching

Eric is a secondary maths teacher, who has been graded ‘Outstanding’ by observers on several occasions. Eric has a good track record of helping his GCSE pupils to achieve P8 level in their exams. He is particularly strong at developing a deeper understanding of mathematics and promotes an ethos of effective questioning when teaching. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Eric has often led INSET training at Harris Invictus Academy, where he shares best practice with colleagues.

Eric is a fantastic role model for students and his colleagues. He likes to create a positive working environment and always tries to implement best practice in his lessons. As a result, Eric’s colleagues explain that his pupils receive “the best possible education” and “make as much progress as possible.”

Eric helps to motivate my son in his lessons. He is very passionate about teaching Maths.

Mr D | London