A knowledgeable and personable tutor. Henry teaches a range of subjects from primary age to undergraduate level.

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South London

BA Arts and Humanities                MA Philosophy

3 years of tutoring 

After completing a BA in Arts and Humanities at Durham University, Henry studied for a Masters degree in Philosophy from King’s College, London. Alongside his studies, Henry has tutored students of various ages in a range of subjects. He has experience teaching History, Philosophy, and English from primary to A-Level and he also taught verbal and non-verbal reasoning, supporting pupils with their preparation for the 11+ exams.

As well as being a high achiever academically, Henry has many further interests. He is a keen sports player and has a particular interest in tennis. Henry has won various sports awards and was a full-time professional tennis player. During his time with Watling Tutors, Henry has built excellent relationships with students and is well-liked, with one testimonial explaining how Henry ‘was professional, kind, and above all, he understood the child and what he needs to improve.’

Henry was great. He instantly struck up a good rapport with my son and they worked well together. Henry provided regular feedback on his progress.

Mrs C | London