A driven and motivated tutor. Leo tutors children in various subjects from KS2 to A-Level.

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North West London

BA Philosophy, Economics and Politics

1 year of tutoring

In between studying for his  Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree at Oxford University, Leo tutors pupils in GCSE maths, English and interview preparation. Leo is proficient in tutoring children at primary school level and has knowledge of the 11+ exams. He is also fluent in speaking and writing German and holds dual British and German citizenship and has a basic knowledge of French and Spanish.

Leo has a passion for self-development and he brings this outlook to his tutoring sessions so students can reach their full potential. He also enjoys elite rowing, when he is not studying and represented Oxford in the 2019 boat race. A former client praised Leo for being ‘likeable and hardworking’ whilst tutoring A-Level economics while a former colleague said Leo was a pleasure to work with’.

He is very engaging, diligent and communicative with my son during their sessions.

Dr A | London