A knowledgeable and experienced tutor. Megan teaches science and languages to Primary, Secondary and University students.

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East London

MSc Biotechnology                    TEFL Level 3                                  BSc Biology     

8 years of teaching

Megan graduated in 2013 with a BSc in Biology and is currently working towards her PhD in Cell Biology. In between her studies, Megan has tutored students from primary school level to postgraduate in different scientific fields and she can also teach English, Spanish, and French. Megan has a range of teaching and tutoring experience and she has taught in different countries around the world, including Zimbabwe, where she taught science and English before completing her Master’s degree in Biotechnology in 2020. 

As a science student herself, Megan likes to use her own experiences to help students better understand scientific topics and gives them the confidence to comprehend difficult learning. She also likes to bring fun to her sessions, particularly when teaching languages, by using games and a variety of activities to engage students. A former colleague referred to Megan as a “jovial and enthusiastic” tutor, while a former parent explained how Megan is also “very knowledgeable and very patient” in her sessions.

Megan is an excellent tutor. She helps my daughter improve her confidence in GCSE biology.

Mr C | London